Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Finally Finished!

Last year my daughter-in-law gently hinted that they needed a new quilt and that she liked the blue and brown combination so popular today. Fortunately, my stash was filled with blue fabrics and enough brown to make the necessary blocks. There are 6 rows of blocks. I assembled them in three sections of 2 rows each. I added border segments to each section, sandwiched, and quilted each section individually, leaving about 2 inches unquilted along the joining edges. After folding back the batting and backing, I stitched the top sections together, trimmed, and hand stitched the batting and backing. Then I completed the last 2 inches of quilting along the seam. This method allowed me to quilt this on my Janome machine. Each section was 32-36 inches by the width of a queen bed; not easy to handle, but doable in a simple design. This is the biggest quilt which I have completed totally by myself! Fortunately, we didn't see this part of the family on Christmas Day, so completing the binding last night was okay!


  1. It's gorgeous, Peggy! Love the quilting design!

  2. My daughter would love that blue and brown quilt. I may have to do a similar one to that.