Thursday, February 4, 2010

Broken Leg Accomplishments

There are a lot of things you can't do with a cast on your right leg-- even a sunny yellow on like this! While I've sat or reclined for the last two weeks, I've kept my hands busy crocheting. My Godmother Libby Cochran taught me to crochet when I was about 14. My Nana started a wool afghan for me that year which I finished because she died before it was done. Every year I need to crochet something just to keep the muscle memory in place. This came in handy during my current confinement. Nancy used my new Edge Perfect blade to poke holes in 4 pieces of soft cream fleece in my stash. Susan brought me five colorful pieces of fleece, all cut and ready to decorate the edges. So now there are nine finished blankets for the Guild's Project Linus contribution. It sure was nice to have something to do besides watch old movies! Now I'm tired of crocheting and ready to get back to sewing. My left foot is doing okay!

1 comment:

  1. Love that bright yellow, but I do think that it could use some applique! ;o)

    The Linus blankets look great! They will make a nice addition to the pile on MABD!