Monday, December 19, 2011

Sewing Outside the Line

Several months ago, a new group called the "Out-of-Line Quilters" came into being. We're just seven stitchers who wanted to get together as a group to help each other stretch our artistic quilting skills. As our first project, we decided to challenge each other to create something beautiful out of what some of us might consider to be "ugly" fabric. Of course, "ugly" is in the eye of the beholder.

We drew names and then gave the other quilter four fabrics that were out of her usual comfort zone. A recognizable amount of at least two of the fabrics had to be used in the final project. We were free to add other fabrics and embellishments as we saw fit. The only other limitation was that the quilt could be no longer than 16 inches on any one side.

What you see in the above photo are six of the seven finished pieces. The seventh piece didn't make it to the photo shoot because the creator was kind enough to stay home and not share her cold germs with the rest of us. But you can see and read about the seventh piece on Susan's blog here. And be sure to read about Madalene's on her blog here. Anya shares the story of her quilt on her blog here. Perhaps non-bloggers Peggi, Dori, Nancy, and Louise can be talked into writing about their process here on this blog.

We all agreed that this was a great way to start off with our group and our creative minds are already working on our next project.  What will that be?...We'll let you see the results in a couple of months.