Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fun Hats For a Good Cause

A few weeks ago, a group of local stitchers helped Joyce makes fleece hats for children in the cancer ward at a PA hospital. The hats keep the children's heads warm while they are going through their treatments (and hopefully, put a smile on their faces as well). In three days, the busy group made a total of 58 hats (not all shown). Nice job, ladies!

Photos courtesy of Kelly Jackson at I Have a Notion.


  1. those are the cutest things that I have ever seen - I would love to do the same for the pediatric cancer ward here. Could you please ask her what pattern she uses to make the basic hat ? That info would be greatly appreciated !

    mamarose @ gmail.com

  2. I retired 3 weeks ago and I'm looking for a way to give and to sew.I LOVE the hats you have made and where you are sending them! Where/ how can I get the basic pattern? [xpxpark@hotmail.com]