Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nancy's Christmas Gift-- Ssshhh!

You know my very short sister is very hard to outfit in clothes that fit her.  She's always asking for me to shorten sleeves and put elastic in them.  She hates pulling warm shirts over her head.  On top of that she's hard on clothes, so we don't buy hand wash or dry clean things.  This pink sweatshirt jacket will be one of her Christmas gifts.  Don't tell!  Putting elastic casings on the sleeves was a big challenge, but I know she'll like it. The neckline is decorated with matching yo-yos.


  1. Hi, I read on Bonnie Hunter's blog that you were watching Quilt Cam on your Kindle Fire. Mine won't allow me to access Quilt Cam, so I wondered if you could email me how to set up Kindle Fire to run Quilt Cam. Would appreciate it so very much. Anita in Abq.


  2. I love all your posts. The chicken quilt is great. Good job on the sweat shirt.

  3. Nice job on the sweatshirt. I really like the detail at the neckline. It
    's a wonderful gift that I'm sure your sister will appreciate.