Friday, December 12, 2014

Paper Pieced Ornament

While browsing pinterest recently I came upon this ornament on a blog called  However it was made with a paper craft technique called Iris Folding.  I printed out several of her free patterns and decided to try it with fabric and paper piecing.  While the paper folding method starts at the outer edge and works in, I figured I could do a paper piecing method by going backwords on the 35 marked sections of the pattern, from the high numbers down to one, working from the center out, then sewing right sides together with a backing fabric, turn right side out, press and add the ornament holder by fusing and top stitching. You can embellish with fancy stitching or beads, etc. as desired if you really want to put a lot of time into the project.  You need only a few fabric scraps because the sections are really small.  You can alter the size by leaving off one or two of the last rounds.  I fussy cut the center snowflake piece of fabric.

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