Thursday, January 29, 2015

Redbird and Berries Mini Quilt

This pattern is a free tutorial on the and was designed by Karin Miller.  When I dug deep into my fabric scraps, I found similar fabrics to the original.  The gray fabrics in the border remind me of a poem about cardinals that I had my first graders copy every February for penmanship practice. They also made 3-D cardinals to hang from the lights.
Feathered Valentine by Martha Ann McCune
A flash of red against the pine!
The cardinal - nature's valentine -
Flies across the gloom and gray
Of a February day -
As fast as any Cupid's dart,
And as scarlet as a heart.
For just a moment he is mine -
This lovely feathered valentine.


  1. The red bird and berries is lovely! Nothing like a red berry to brighten a gray day.

  2. Lovely work Barbara... It's so cool to see new beautiful renditions of this pattern. Fantastic job. Karen Miller